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A selection of dances.

These are just a selection of the dances we play. If you have a particular dance you would like to do please let us know and we will try to oblige.

Boston Tea Party
Bridge of Athlone
Buttered Peas
Caerphilly March
Circassian Circle
Circle Waltz
Clopton Bridge
Cumberland Square Eight
Dashing White Sargent
Empress of Prussia's Polka
Farmers Jig
The Flying Scotsman
The Gay Gordons
Heel and Toe Polka
Holmfirth Square
Horses Brawl
La Russe Quadrille
Lucky Seven
Merry Sherwood Rangers
Nottingham Swing
Old Swan Gallop
The Opera Reel
Oxo Reel
Sicilian Circle Dance
Three around Three
Virginia Reel
Waves of Tory
Willow Tree
Winster Gallop




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