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Shave the Monkey playing live at Cropredy Festival

Shave the Monkey

Shave the Monkey's influences came from many sources, including traditional, rock, early and classical music, as was evident in its unique style. Their command of over 20 instruments which spanned ten centuries, coupled with superbly crafted songs made what can only be called an electric performance.

Albion Morris

Albion Morris

Albion Morris wasfounded in 1972 when a group of exceptional young dancers and musicians left Chingford Morris to further the evolution of the morris dance through this ancient tite with modern electric music.



In a recent review Strangeworld was described as playing "progressive folk music" and as "taking the folk roots genre and giving it a real makeover". Played exquisitely on traditional instrumentation including cello, oboe, piano accordion,bassoon, cittern, whistles, mandolin,guitar and bagpipes (amongst many others), the band use influences from the musical spectrum to create a sound that is both unique and mesmerising.

Deelycke Folk Festival

Deerlycke Folk Festival

The Deerlycke folk and family festival takes place in August every year in Deerlijk, province of West Flanders, Belgium. This family friendly festival has a wonderful atmosphere and you are always guarenteed to see some great music.

Bryan Causton

Bryan Causton

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Guido Rincon

Guido M Rincon

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