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Adrian Turnham


Adrian is our caller and it's his job to teach and explain all the dances. He's a caller much in demand and makes learning all the dances great fun.

Adrian is also a fine dancer and is a member of the 'Albion Morris Men'.



Anna Ardley

Oboe, whistles, bassoon, bagpipes and bombard.

Anna is a classically trained musician and has been playing for ceilidhs and barn dances for many years.

When not playing in Dangerous Circles, Anna can be seen playing in the band 'Strangeworld'



Bryan Causton

Mandolin, cittern and bouzouki.

Bryan plays all manner of stringed instruments but in Dangerous Circles specializes in the mandolin which he has done in ceilidh bands for many years.

Bryan was a member of 'Shave the Monkey' and like Anna, Bryan also is a member of 'Strangeworld'



Guido M Rincon

Guitar, bouzuoki and bass pedals.

Guido supplies the rhythm in the band and also has been playing for ceilidhs since being a teenager.

Guido is also a member of the 'Albion Morris Men' and with Bryan was also a member of 'Shave the Monkey'



Robin Scott

Concertina and melodeon.

Robin has been playing for barn dances and ceilidhs for many, many years and has a great repertoire of fantastic tunes.

In his misspent youth he also played for a morris dance teams in Northampton.


And for Dangerous Circles Electric Ceilidh band we are joined by:


Steve Collins


Along with Campbell and Kevin, Steve joins for the Dangerous Circles electric ceilidh band gigs. Steve has been playing melodeon for many years and was also a member of 'Shave the Monkey'



Kevin neaves


Kevin is a phenomenal drummer and played in many bands with Guido and Bryan for years than they care to remember. He's a member of the 'Albion Morris Men' and was also a member of 'Shave the Monkey'



Campbell Armer

Bass guitar.

As well as being a great bass player, Cam is also a great lead guitarist and until recently was amember of 'Kings of Langley'. 20 years ago Cam was also a member of 'Barnet Fair with Guido, Kevin and Bryan.


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